im jairus,nurse, schizophrenic, bipolar, christian,photography,amateur,animals, dogs, belgian malinois,landscape,sunset, sunrise, clouds, everyday things,tea,mma,futbol,nba,GOSPURSGO, love,baking, i almost like everything on my dash i dont reblog often but still leave me a message^^

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i want a gf from tumblr.

Pressure cooker are man best friends

tumblr > twitter

i unfollow people who use tumblr as twitter.i hate text on my dash..

thyfantasy asked: Hi. Thanks po sa follow. Ganda ng mga shot ♥

salamat po..hmmmm i think mas magaganda yung sayo^^ good morning,

moon dog
the future of MMA my 3yo niece playing street fighter.
orchid and vanda
childhood. true happiness. love
father and daughter 

julienneanjeli asked: nice photography.. :")

salamat po maam..^^